You’ll Be Able To Go To Cannabis Cafes And Restaurants In West Hollywood Next Year

By Malia Wooten

Earlier this week, West Hollywood released the names of future businesses that will be receiving MJ-makeovers in 2019! 💨

The time has finally come – Los Angeles will be receiving over a dozen of cannabis restaurants, cafes, and consumption lounges. This means that there will actually be venues that will allow smoking, vaping, and munching on weed-infused foods!

The city spent over six months screening over 300 applicants for cannabis-licenses which cost thousands of dollars and require detailed proposals to allow such actions to take place. Out of the five license categories, only a few potential companies were approved including the following:

  • Eight consumption lounges that will allow cannabis smoking, vaping and edibles on-site
  • Eight edibles-only cafes
  • Eight medical dispensary services
  • Eight new adult-use retail businesses
  • Eight cannabis delivery services

Now it’s up to each operation to secure brick and mortars as well as a WeHo business license within the next year.

This approval may just bring Los Angeles’ cannabis tourism up to par with Amsterdam, Netherlands (as if we need even more tourists!) Throughout the United States, there are only seven consumption lounges in San Fransisco, one in Oakland and one in Denver, Colorado.