10 Underrated Road Trips You Can Take From L.A.

Malia Wooten Malia Wooten

10 Underrated Road Trips You Can Take From L.A.

Roll down the windows and crank up the tunes!

One of the best parts about living in Los Angeles is that when it comes to ‘road-tripping’ – the state is your oyster… At any given moment, you can hop into your car and escape the city to discover someplace new or revisit a treasured scene!

Whether it’s a day-trip to the desert or a weeklong trek along our iconic coastline, Angelenos have the freedom to explore all the beautiful destinations our state has to offer. Traveling is something to marvel about, especially when you live in a melting pot as big as ours, so take advantage of the many adventures that await. We’ve created a list of ten places that you can pack up the car and easily visit from L.A. – so get to planning… or just get behind the wheel and GO!

10 Underrated Trips To Take From L.A.

1. Palm Springs

Driving distance from LA: 106 miles ~ about 1 hour 45 minutes.

2. Joshua Tree

Driving distance from LA: 128 miles ~ about 2 hours

3. Big Bear

Driving distance from LA: 97 miles ~ about 2 hours

4. Ojai

Driving distance from LA: 83 miles ~ about 1 hour 30 minutes

5. Santa Barbara

Driving distance from LA: 95 miles ~ about 1 hour 45 minutes

6. San Diego

Driving distance from LA: 120 miles ~ about 2 hours 15 minutes

7. Big Sur

Driving distance from LA: 295 miles ~ about 5 hours 40 minutes

8. Napa Valley

Driving distance from LA: 403 miles ~ about 6 hours 30 minutes

9. Lake Tahoe

Driving distance from LA: 441 miles ~ about 7 hours 15 minutes

10. San Francisco

Driving distance from LA: 381 miles ~ about 6 hours 15 minutes

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