6 Hidden Stairwells To Climb With Scenic Views In L.A.

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6 Hidden Stairwells To Climb With Scenic Views In L.A.

Time to get those glutes right!

Stairs offer a simple but brilliant way get a workout and some fresh air. Spend some much-needed time with Mother Nature all while exploring the city climbing stairs! Check out our list of the hidden stairwells to climb in Los Angeles.

But before you do, here’s a quick video of some of our favorite stairs to climb!

Note: Some stairs may be closed or have limited access so be sure to check before you go.

1. Santa Monica Stairs [Temporarily Closed]

Run up the wooden stairs, down the concrete, or vice versa! These two stairways are each equal to climbing around eight flights of stairs and are accompanied by an exceptional amount of greeny and an ocean breeze.

Location: 699 Adelaide Dr Santa Monica, CA 90402. Between 4th & 7th St. See it on Google maps!

2. The Mattachine Steps

Fun fact: these stairs are named after in honor of gay rights organization the Mattachine Society which was founded in 1950 by Harry Hay who lived in a house nearby. Not only do these stairs serve as a memorial to this pioneering force in the gay rights movement, but you can also catch a great view of the Silver Lake Reservoir below!

Location: 2355 Cove Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90039. See it on Google maps.

3. Broadview Terrace Stairs

If you’re a fan of Raymond Chandler’s The Long Goodbye, then this is the stairwell for you! Back in the day, early developers and municipal city planners built these stairs so that people who lived in the hillside could reach businesses, schools, and public transportation – but then, you know, cars happened!

Location: High Tower Dr & Los Altos Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90068. See it on Google maps.

4. Baxter Stairs

If you’re looking for an intense work-out, these sets of stairs are probably your best bet! It’s a 231-step climb from the bottom of Baxter Street up to Elysian Park, with stunning views of the DTLA skyline and hills of Hollywood and Glendale.

Location: 2100 Park Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90026. See it on Google maps.

5. Music Box Steps

Not only will you get a great work out in, but this place is also ‘grammable! Not only were these stairs made famous by the 1932 Laurel and Hardy film The Music Box, it’s painted with vibrant colors giving you to perfect motivation to run up and down them as many times your workout session calls for!

Location: 923 N Vendome St, Los Angeles, CA 90026. See it on Google maps.

6. Bunker Hill Steps

Cascading from Hope Street down to Fifth Street, with a rocky water feature down the middle, is this incredible stairwell was designed by landscape architect Lawrence Halprin and completed in 1990. It’s the best route by foot from Bunker Hill to the Los Angeles Central Library and allows you to take in the surrounding offices towers, terraces and greenery with amazing views of Downtown. Hidding in plain sight, these steps provide all the space you’ll need for social distancing while allowing you to explore the best of the new and old Downtown L.A.

Location: 633 W 5th St., Los Angeles 90071. See it on Google maps.

Featured Image: @akhikercouple1125

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