11 Places Around Los Angeles To Have A Good Cry

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11 Places Around Los Angeles To Have A Good Cry

Yup… this one’s for you.

Allotting time in your busy schedule for a good sob is pretty much mandatory here in the city. Whether it’s because of the traffic, rude tourists demanding straws at work, or another street sweeping parking ticket — producing your own waterworks show is something that every Angeleno has got to do at some point. Ditch balling in your car or over a pint of Ben & Jerry’s (though, these moments are needed too) and head over to some of the city’s best places to LET. IT. ALL. OUT.

1. Top Parking Lot at The Grove

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Sure it sounds weird, but don’t knock it ’till you try it. Not only will people be too busy fighting for parking to give a hoot about you crying over another failed audition, there’s also an amazing view at the top of the structure. If you’re not sad about anything in particular and have nothing to sob about, just head downstairs for a few to watch teenagers yell at their moms for not buying them the new iPhone. (Sorry my teenage years, Mom!)

2. Amir’s Garden

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You’ve got to hike to this “hidden” garden in Griffith Park, but it sure does beat crying in the bathroom stall at work (again). The man behind this prime sobbing den tucked aside from a hiking trail was brought to life by avid hiker and WeHo wine seller, Amir Dialameh, over 12 years ago. You may have to wait for the wannabe Instagram influencers to finish up their photoshoot but, after that – first come, first serve.

3. Will Rodgers State Beach

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There might be a few people scattered around here and there, but compared to the crowded beach scene just a few miles down at the Santa Monica pier, it ain’t nothin’. The sound of the waves crashing into the shore will drown out the sounds of you weeping and if you’re lucky a flock of seagulls may even want to keep you company!

4. Swan Boats in Echo Park

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Sure there are always a handful of people enjoying the city’s year-round decent weather at the public park, but they can’t bother you if you paddle yourself out to the middle of the lake. There’s truly no other feeling quite like getting a great leg workout while also flushing out your eye ducts out… you should consider trying it sometime.

5. Vista Hermosa Natural Park

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Even if you’re not truly sad, but still want to partake in a moderate weeping session, this is the place to do it. If the adorable golden retriever rolling around in the grass living it’s best life doesn’t get you going, then you amazing view of the city you can’t afford to live in surely will. The best part? You won’t have to worry about anybody bothering you because no person in their right mind wants to approach a person crying at a park.

6. James Irvine Japanese Garden

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Escape the chaos of Downtown at this hidden oasis nestled between the smog and sky rises. Because this place is so zen, a trip to the James Irvine Japanese Garden might have to be a quiet boo-hoo session (unless you like the attention…) If your timing is correct, you may even roll up to the garden on a day that they’re hosting a concert, that way you can pretend that the cellist is so extraordinary that it brings you to tears.

7-11. Secret Stairwells


It’s all about timing. And if you’re one of those people who have control over your emotions (lucky you), then planning the perfect hour to hit the stairs when no one will be around can work in your favor. Stairs are the perfect spot to shed a few tears, like, it’s like they were made for crying! They provide the perfect set up for you to sit and bury your hands into your knees and entice you to want to work on those glutes. Check out the list of secret stairs, here!

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