A Few Of The City’s Parks, Trails, And Beach Parking Lots Have Closed Due To Overcrowding

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A Few Of The City’s Parks, Trails, And Beach Parking Lots Have Closed Due To Overcrowding

Though locals are encouraged to take walks and go on hikes, proper social distancing measures should still be taking place.

The city caught a break from the rain clouds over the weekend, which resulted in people flocking to the coast and nearby parks to get some much needed outdoor time. Though the city has been issued a “safer at home” order which encourages the public to stay indoors and at least six feet away from others, the beaches and trails were so packed that it caught the attention of city officials.


In response to people crowding public beaches, parks, and sporting facilities, the city faces more restrictions than before to combat the spread of the coronavirus.


Santa Monica City Manager Rick Cole announced that all beach parking lots will be closed until further notice, even though the beaches themselves temporarily remain open.

The Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority also announced that all MCRA-operated parks, trails, and building facilities – including all parks owned by the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy – will close to the public until further notice. Popular parks include Vista Hermosa Natural Park, Fryman Canyon Park, and all overlooks along Mulholland Drive.

Long Beach Mayor, Robert Garcia, ordered that a number of the county’s public facilities temporarily shut down as well due to large gatherings and people failing to practice social distancing advice from health officials.


Though many Angelenos are seeking to “find peace and comfort in the natural beauties of our city”, Mayor Garcetti urges locals to practice physical distancing and to be responsible! It’s important to remember that not all COVID-19 carriers show symptoms and can spread the virus without knowing they’re infected.

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