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Insta-Famous LA Coffee Chain Bans Kawhi Leonard For Not Signing With The Lakers

By Malia Wooten

Laker fans aren’t too happy with Kawhi Leonard’s decision to join the Clippers.

Just a few days ago, it seemed as though Angelenos from far and wide joined forces in supporting Kawahi Leonard’s recruitment to Los Angeles for the upcoming NBA season… that was before learning he’d be signing with the Clippers over the Lakers over the weekend.

Though those who bleed red-and-blue are rejoicing, loyal gold-and-purple fans across the nation don’t seem too happy about Leonard’s decision to return to his hometown. Chances are you’ve probably come across billboards or celebrities on social media sharing their disappointment; it’s even gone as far as the championship winner getting banned from places within the city!

Owner of the Instagram-famous coffee chain Alfred Coffee, Josh Zad, took to Instagram to let it be known that both Kawhi and his new teammate Paul George are banned from all of the company’s locations.

The entire thing seems backed by innocent competitive rivalry, but we can’t help but wonder: will other shops show their true ‘colors’ and hop on this Clippers/Lakers ‘ban’-wagon?

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