All Of The Hiking Trails In L.A. Have Closed To The Public

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All Of The Hiking Trails In L.A. Have Closed To The Public

Following a weekend of packed parks and beaches, Los Angeles County has made the decision to close all of the hiking trails in the city to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Angelenos are going to have to resort to walking or jogging around their neighborhoods since county officials have temporarily put an end to public hiking trails. Though hiking remained on the list of activities that were deemed essential during L.A.’s “safer-at-home” order, restrictions were tightened Monday afternoon following a massive turnout of locals flocking to the coast as well as other public facilities in recent days.


The people of the city are still being asked to follow social distancing guidelines when/if leaving their homes; practices include standing six feet away from others and remaining indoors if sick, even if you don’t believe that your illness resembles common coronavirus symptoms. Locals can still go to the grocery store, walk their dogs, and visit the doctor. As of right now, the emergency order is in place through April 19.

Learn more about what you CAN and CANNOT do while the safer-at-home order is in place, here.

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