New York’s Crazy Shakes Have Landed In L.A. And They’re Quite Extraordinary

Malia Wooten Malia Wooten

New York’s Crazy Shakes Have Landed In L.A. And They’re Quite Extraordinary

Yes, that’s a cake on top of that shake.

Anaheim is only a brief car ride away for Angelenos looking to fix that sweet-tooth craving of theirs! If you’re into drooling over pictures of amazing foods, Black Tap Craft Burger & Shakes is the perfect restaurant for you. The novelty joint originated in New York before going viral on the internet and somehow managing to expand to outpost across the world – Dubai, Las Vegas, and Singapore to name a few – and like all things rising to fame, the social-media-crazed sensation has landed itself in Los Angeles!

Photo: Black Tap Burgers & Shakes

You’ll probably be able to spot Black Tap’s staple “freakshakes” from a mile away, but if not, you’ll find the eatery sat right underneath the Ballas Point Brewery in Downtown Disney. Sporting flavors ranging from Cotton Candy, Sweet n’ Salty, and Churro Choco Taco (a cinnamon toast crunch milkshake topped with cereal, churros, a choco taco, and dulce de leche drizzle) – it’s actually quite impossible to walk past without wondering what one of these monstrous connections tastes like.

Photo: Black Tap Burgers & Shakes

Take Black Tap’s popular Cake Shake for example – the overindulgent, top-heavy shake is made up of cake batter milkshake, a vanilla icing rim coated in rainbow sprinkles, and a perfect slice of Funfetti cake, whipped cream, sprinkles, and a cherry to top it all off. It may seem like a heart attack waiting to happen, but in the worst case… it surely could make an amazing Instagram photo! They only make few of these bad boys a day to ensure that you’re eating freshly baked cake… because nothing is worse than paying $15 for a shake served with stale ingredients.

You might have to skip a few cheat days to account for this dessert, but by the looks of people on social media – it sure seems worth it! And though the crazy shakes may get you through the doors, just wait ’till you discover the burgers!

Location: 1540 S Disneyland Dr Ste 101, Anaheim, CA 92802. See it on Google maps.

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