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L.A. Had A Striking Thunderstorm And Here Are The Breathtaking Pictures To Prove It

By Malia Wooten

Well that’s something you don’t everyday…

Said every Angeleno during Tuesday’s spontaneous thunderstorm! The citywide National Weather Service detected more than 16,000 lightning pulses, 2,000 cloud flashes and 1,000 cloud-to-ground strikes over the course of the evening. But with all the rain we’ve been experiencing this winter, we were bound to have a good old fashioned dazzling lightning show arrive sometime. Especially since February marked the first month on record to never hit 70 degrees once!

When you leave in a city filled with people constantly in pursuit of catching the perfect photo, all you have to do to feel like you were there is log onto social media to see all the amazing snapshots of the rare light show. (Because let’s face it, we weren’t the only ones scared and hiding under the covers.)

So in case you missed it, or felt terrified out of your mind, check out this list of amazing photos of Mother Nature working her magic!

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