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The Poppies Are Blooming And You Can Still Catch The Magic Online

By Malia Wooten March 26, 2020

State Parks have temporarily closed all vehicular access, trails and museums within the park, but nature-lovers can still catch the golden poppies bloom via webcam!

We may not be getting a super bloom this year, but that’s not stopping our beloved state flower from painting the hills of the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve orange.

As the rain clouds start to disappear and warm weather gets ready to make its debut, the wild eschscholzia californicas (a.k.a California Poppies) are springing to blanket over what is usually 1,700-acres of desert hills. Luckily, you can still get your dose of this springtime magic in the virtual world thanks to the park’s webcam.

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not quite last year’s superbloom but still pretty

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The flowers haven’t completely taken over yet but thanks to all the rain we’ve seen in recent weeks, flower children can expect poppies and wildflowers alike to hit their peak bloom as the weather starts to heat up. The live webcam covers a good area of the park, moving to a different view every few seconds.

*🤫 SLA TIP: Be sure to keep an eye on the weather! The California Poppy is infamous for closing its petals whenever it’s too windy or cold outside… just like us, they thrive in the sunlight!

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Featured photo: @lovelyyaudrey

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