A Sweet Showcase Is Coming To L.A. Next Month And It’s Real Life #DessertGoals

Malia Wooten Malia Wooten

A Sweet Showcase Is Coming To L.A. Next Month And It’s Real Life #DessertGoals

Dessert is always a good idea!

Why settle with one dessert when you can try them all? Get ready for the biggest cheat day of the year because the ultimate dessert festival is heading back to Los Angeles next month for a weekend filled with unadulterated sugary joy!

Indulge in a curated selection of the very best desserts over the course of two back-to-back weekends this November at Evolve Project LA. The sugar fest made its mark three years ago in NYC and was such a hit that fans insist they continue to grace foodie lovers with an enthusiasm for all things sweet every year since. This year’s theme is Tye Dye Tiki so you can finally break out all those bright and colorful tie-dye tees and Hawaiian shirts that you thought about tucking away until next summer!

Gather your personal dessert squad and indulge in 90 minutes of access to 20+ drool-worthy vendors who plan to have full batches of cake, ice cream, cookies, pop tarts, donuts, sundaes, churros, macarons, cotton candy, gummies, and much more to choose from!

Sample everything from Lee Poof’s gourmet cotton candy with innovative designs and flavors to organic seed-bearing lollipops from Amborella Organics with tasty flavors such as rose, lavender and thyme (bonus: you can plant the stick after you eat it and watch the corresponding plant grow!)

The Dirty Cookie

Pie Hole
Lee Poof
Fancy Flavors
Amborella Organics


Learn more about the #DessertGoals fest, here 👈

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