Celebrate Earth Day With These Stunning Natural Havens In SoCal

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Celebrate Earth Day With These Stunning Natural Havens In SoCal

 Featured Image: @bay.photography

April 22 is Mother Earth’s day, but we’re celebrating her all week.

It’s Earth Day! A day that began right here in California when 3 million gallons of oil spilled off our coast in the 1970s. The movement led to a demonstration made up of 20 million Americans. Today, it’s a global initiative that aims to bring awareness to human impact on the planet and it’s celebrated by 1 billion people.

Below we’ve listed some of the most incredible parts of SoCal to immerse yourself in that will remind us all why it’s so important to do our part to protect the beauty of Mother Nature. Since we can all agree that these spectacular places deserve to be cared for, you can also take a look at all the cleanups happening across the region on this interactive Earth Day map. Or, you could also take inspiration from this young activist that cleared all the trash from Eaton Canyon in 589 days, and bring a bag to fill it up one your visit.

1. 6 Magnificent Beaches Of Socal

Credit: Roberto Nickson via Unsplash

From the thick vegetation of cascading down the hills to the ocean at of Point Dume Nature Preserve to the rocky shores in Malibu, there is no place to take in nature like SoCal’s beaches. Wonder carefully along the sand and you could spot a whale or marvel at marine life inhabiting the tide pools.

2. 11 Beautiful Waterfalls Worth Hiking To Around L.A.

Journey through beautiful mountains, canyons and hills to find a magical waterfall. While the hot weather means you may not see more than a trickle, the is filled with gorgeous natural surroundings to appreciate.

3. Explore A Hidden Garden In L.A. 

Credit: Japanese Garden

Gather your thoughts under the shade of towering trees and wander through lush landscaping with pops of color and subtle tweets of birds reminds us that we’re not the only residents here.

4. Inhale Nature’s Fresh Floral Scents In Fields Of Flowers

Credit: Flower Fields

These technicolor fields of wildflowers offer an opportunity to acknowledge both the beauty and fragility of life. Take the time to appreciate these fleeting displays of nature’s organic decorations.

5. Marvel At The Beauty Of This 80-Foot Fig Tree In Santa Barbara

Credit: Shutterstock

Being over 140 years old, the Moreton Bay Fig Tree in Santa Barbara may just be the oldest living thing in these parts. It spans over 170 feet, has a trunk that measures over 41.5 feet in circumference and can create shade for some 16,000 people. The grand, natural vision is in itself a celebration of how impressive nature can be if we allow it to thrive.

6. Take A Trip To Yosemite 

Credit: Cedric Letsch via Unsplash

Yosemite National Park is never short of guests—a testament to our nation’s love for nature. Book yourself a trip to immerse yourself in the mind-blowing landscape amongst wild animals. If you aren’t able to travel just yet, you can always browse some of these stunning pictures of the glowing Firefall earlier this or snaps of the epic clash of the seasons that took place there a few seasons ago.

7. Stroll Through An Incredible Botanical Garden 

Credit: The Huntington Museum Gardens

Boasting an incredible array of natural splendor, these botanical gardens are easily one of the most rewarding ways to get fresh air while strolling amongst native and exotic plant species.

 Featured Image: @bay.photography

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