El Pollo Loco Is Virtually Restoring Iconic L.A. Murals In Honor Of Hispanic Heritage Month

Malia Wooten Malia Wooten

El Pollo Loco Is Virtually Restoring Iconic L.A. Murals In Honor Of Hispanic Heritage Month

Angelenos can see where former murals once stood by scanning a code using their SnapChat app!

El Pollo Loco is bringing back a series of Los Angeles’ lost murals in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, as well as its ongoing commitment to give back to the cities that molded and influenced the brand.

It’s no surprise that L.A. is one of the greatest mural capitals in the world, but what does come as a shock is the fact the city has seen an estimate of 60 percent of murals vanish. In an effort to preserve this unique culture, the restaurant chain is teaming up with Warren Brand (a curator and board member of Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles) to digitally bring back five murals painted by famed artists Juan Hector Ponce and Hector Rios. Though they won’t be permanent restorations, visitors will be able to view the original pieces of art through augmented reality filters from now through October 15 – talk about living in the future!

All mural-seekers have to do is head over to a location where one of the pieces once stood and scan a code with their Snapchat app! Visitors will then get to witness what the artwork looked like before it was removed.

The locations of the murals that are being digitally restored during Hispanic Heritage Month include the following:

  • Nuestra Gente es Linda y Poderosa” – 2841 Boulder Street, Los Angeles
  • “Hex BBOY” – 417 East 15th Street, Los Angeles
  • “SK8 Still Lives” – 7753 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles
  • “Migration” – 1262 South Lake Street, Los Angeles
  • “Zapata” – 2000 W 6th Street, Los Angeles

El Pollo Loco is also donating storefronts across the city as canvases for new murals! The first mural is set to side aside the building of the chicken joint’s original restaurant location on Alvarado Street which opened back in 1980.

Featured photo courtesy of El Pollo Loco

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