‘Halloween’ Fans Are Making Their Way To South Pasadena To Peep Michael Myers’ Childhood Home

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‘Halloween’ Fans Are Making Their Way To South Pasadena To Peep Michael Myers’ Childhood Home

A South Pasadena resident is so passionate about the 1978 horror classic, “Halloween”, that she’s made it her business. 🔪

In 2015, SaraRose Orlandini opened SugarMynt Gallery, an art gallery and event space dedicated to the iconic slasher film “Halloween.” Interestingly enough, Orlandini’s shop sits right next door to the 130-year-old house that was used as Michael Myers’ childhood home in the movie.

SugarMynt naturally attracts horror fans from L.A. as well as some who come from long distances just to get a look at the cinematic Middle American hamlet known in the film as Haddonfield, Illinois.

Photo: @sararose_o

Cinematographer Dean Cundy told the Los Angeles Times that the reason they chose a home located in South Pasadena was due to the neighboorhoods’ middle of America architectural feel such as clapboard planel boards and tree-lined streets.

Photo: @michaelmyersminute

In 1988 the house was in danger of being bulldozed so that the city could make way for a condominium complex but the City Councilman at the time, David Margrave, managed to secure a deal. If he moved the home off the lot by the end of the week, the house would remain untouched. Since, the Myers’ house has been designated a South Pasadena Historic Landmark but not because of its connection to the movie – it was saved due to its significance as one of the town’s earliest homes.

Photo: @caiteeeroseee

The house is now used as an office building and has been painted pale blue with a pinkish trim, transforming it to a more pleasant sight compared to its appearance in the film.

Though it may not look like something out of a serial killing cult movie, “Halloween” fans say that it will always be the Myers’ house and continue to travel to the landmark to take pictures, make videos, and to perform “Halloween”-themed wedding proposals!

Location: 810 Meridian Ave, South Pasadena, CA 91030. See it on Google maps.