15 Incredible Outdoor Activities Around L.A. That Don’t Involve Hiking

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

15 Incredible Outdoor Activities Around L.A. That Don’t Involve Hiking

Make the most of SoCal’s stunning landscapes with these amazing things to do.

With summer coming in hot, there’s no better time to venture out into the diverse geographical landscape of California. From the serene valleys, the rocky mountains, and steep cliffs, to the sandy beaches and expansive ocean, there is an endless world waiting to be explored. Of course, swimming and hiking are the go-to activities, but there are far more thrilling ways of discovering what L.A. has to offer while practicing the art of social distancing. Step outside your comfort zone and get your pulse racing again…

1. Rediscover L.A. With This Adventurous Immersive Open-Air Game

Credit: Cameron Venti

What if this summer, you went for a trip to…Los Angeles! The city is overflowed with picturesque streets and hidden gems to discover. That’s precisely what open-air exploration game maker Questo aims to help you find with their unique outdoor experiences. In this exciting L.A. adventure, you’ll take on a quest to unearth the city’s secrets and curiosities while you follow the tragic life and death of Marilyn Monroe. Solve open-air riddles and real-world puzzles in this exciting summer adventure. You can even make it a night game to add that extra thrill factor. Get your tickets here.

2. Ride Into The Sunset With Great Wine And Food

Go horse riding through the stunning setting of Cheseboro Canyon Park. You’ll traverse through oak forests, grassy fields, wildflowers and dry arroyos while taking in the fresh, clean air. Upon your return, there’ll be a beautiful bottle of wine and some delicious snacks to end off the 2-hour experience.  Book your adventure here.

3. Float Amongst The Clouds On A Hot Air Balloon

Sail into the sky and take in the breathtaking views of the California Temecula wine country with a hot air balloon ride. You’ll have all the old-world charm and state-of-the-art technology to create a safe and unforgettable journey over the scenic Perris-Temecula Valley and the surrounding region. There’ll be pre-flight coffee with snacks and a post-flight breakfast to enjoy on the ground while watching the impressive skydivers above. Book your own private terrace in the clouds.

4. Ride The Summer Wave With Surf Lessons At Venice Beach

You’ve spent hours on the beach watching the suited-up surfers glide over the curls of the wave and enjoy the Pacific in a way that only surfers can. If there’s ever been a good time to pick up a new water skill, then a summer of social distancing is definitely it. These surf lessons will take you from paddler to pro as you reach that magical moment of standing up for the first time. You’ll never look at the ocean the same way again. Book your first lesson here.

5. Take A Magical Night Ride On An Echo Park Swan Boat

Credit: Instagram / @susanknos

The Swan Boats at Echo Park Lake is one of Los Angeles’ hidden gems, it’s also one of the best ways to explore the setting, in a fun but intimate way. You can paddle around the iconic lotus beds and fountain during the day or go on an illuminated boat ride with the Downtown city lights in the backdrop. Rated one of the best LA activities by tourists and locals, Echo Park pedal boats are a great way to make the most of this city’s gorgeous weather! Find out more here.

6. Sip On Wine And Sail Across The Pacific On A Private Yacht

Hop aboard and sail straight into the luxurious embrace of The Old Plank Luxury Boat. Allow the salty air to blow through your hair, while you bathe in sunlight while you enjoy the wine and gourmet hors d’oeuvres on this 3-hour adventure. You might be lucky enough to have up-close encounters with wildlife as you experience the relaxing sway of the water. Book your Mediterranean experience on the Pacific shores.

7. Take In Breathtaking Views With A Candlelit Picnic Soiree On The Beach

Allow the Santa Monica Picnic Co to treat you to a luxurious, private picnic in a gorgeous beach setting. Enjoy the chef-curated cheese & charcuterie boards and sip on drinks with waves gently crashing on the shores. As the sun sinks into the horizon, you and your SO can get cuddle under the blankets while the fairy lights and candles create a romantic atmosphere.Book your seaside soiree here.

8. Find Your Zen With A Poolside Yoga And Spa Retreat At This Stunning LA Oasis

Credit: Lotus Spa

Head to this dreamy sanctuary in the heart of L.A. for an unforgettable immersive retreat. You’ll check in at this beautiful location where you’ll embark on a spiritual, mental and physical journey with an intimate candlelight experience, expert-led yoga, meditation, and immersive sound bath. There’ll be herbal tea, snacks, and relaxation on a poolside outdoor patio to send you off in your newly-found Zen state.Book your session here.

9. Go Kayaking With Sea Lions In The Marina

Find hidden spots in the marina and discover local wildlife, including sea lions, dolphins, and a wide variety of birds. You’ll be guided through the local environment and marine life and learn kayaking techniques while enjoying the peaceful atmosphere of the Los Angeles boaters realm. Book yourself a soothing trip with nature.

10. Take A Romantic Champagne Cruise On A Gondola In Long Beach

Glide down the Naples Canals one of these 38-foot asymmetrical beauties as Gondoliers propel you down under the romantic, high-arching bridges as you travel past the Accademia, to the Ravenna, to the Toledo and the Neapolitan East and then the famous “Treasure Island” bridge. It’s a true European experience on West Coast shores and you can make it date with a champagne cruise or make a full-blown mimosa brunch with you and your friends. Find out more here. 

11. Fly Through The Trees With A Ziplining Adventure

Calling all adrenaline junkies with a penchant for fine wines! Margarita Adventures’ “zip and sip” experience might just be your new favorite weekend activity. You’ll get the rush of soaring above Pinot Noir vines with breathtaking views of the Santa Margarita, then you’ll get to mull over the experience upon landing at Ancient Peaks Winery on Highway 58. Find out more here.

12. See The City Of Stars From The Sky With A Scenic Flight In A Luxury French Aircraft

Soar over L.A.’s iconic landmarks like the Griffith Observatory, Dolby Theatre and the Hollywood sign in an elegant French aircraft. This incredible trip is by far the most unique way to see the city, plus you’ll be treated to a cheese board and drinks on your luxurious trips through the clouds. Find out more here.

13-14. Take A Scenic Ride Above The City With An Epic Helicopter Ride

Credit: Rogue Aviation

Whether you want to fly above the homes of the rich and famous, marvel at the stationed Queen Mary or see the O.C. Triangle from the sky, these helicopter rides will make for a tour of the city like no other. Here are 3 of the experiences you can enjoy this month:

15. Unravel The Mysteries Of Tudor Mansion With This Interactive CLUE Experience In L.A.

Credit: CLUE – An Outdoor Walking Experience – LIVE!

The elusive Mr. Boddy has been murdered and guests will become the detective and explore the legendary rooms of Tudor Mansion to solve the mystery. Walk through a labyrinth of secret passageways and unexpected locations, follow the trail of evidence and interrogate infamous suspects at this exclusive CLUE Live! experience.

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