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Here Are All The Incredible Things You Can Do Outdoors That Aren’t Hiking

By Ashlyn Davis

Explore the great outdoors with these exhilarating activities.

As we slowly start to emerge from lockdown and with summer coming in hot, there’s no better time to venture out into the diverse geographical landscape of California. From the serene valleys, the rocky mountains, and steep cliffs, to the sandy beaches and expansive ocean, there is an endless world waiting to be explored. Of course, swimming and hiking are the go-to activities, but there are far more thrilling ways of discovering what L.A. has to offer while practicing the art of social distancing. Step outside your comfort zone and get your pulse racing again…

1. Ride into the sunset with great wine and food

Go horse riding through the stunning setting of Cheseboro Canyon Park. You’ll traverse through oak forests, grassy fields, wildflowers and dry arroyos while taking in the fresh, clean air. Upon your return, there’ll be a beautiful bottle of wine and some delicious snacks to end off the 2-hour experience.  Book your adventure here.

2. Float amongst the clouds on a hot air balloon

Sail into the sky and take in the breathtaking views of the California countryside in a hot air balloon ride. You’ll have all the old-world charm and state-of-the-art technology to create a safe and unforgettable journey over the scenic Perris-Temecula Valley and the surrounding region. There’ll be pre-flight coffee with snacks and a post-flight breakfast to enjoy on the ground while watching the impressive skydivers above. Book your own private terrace in the clouds. 

3. Ride the summer wave with surf lessons at Venice Beach

You’ve spent hours on the beach watching the suited up surfers glide over the curls of the wave and enjoy the Pacific in a way that only surfers can. If there’s ever been a good time to pick up a new water skill, then a summer of social distancing is definitely it. These surf lessons will take you from paddler to pro as you reach that magical moment of standing up for the first time. You’ll never look at the ocean the same way again. Book your first lesson here.

4. Take A Ride On An Iconic Swan Boat On Echo Park Lake

Credit: @yours.chuly

The Swan Boats at Echo Park Lake are one of Los Angeles’ hidden gems. Don’t miss this unique way to explore Echo Lake signature lotus beds and fountain. Rated one of the best LA activities, Echo Park pedal boats are a great way to enjoy the outdoors! Book your day out on the lake here.

5. Give Into A Day Of Wellness At Gorgeous Garden In This L.A. Villa

Connect with the elements of nature and renew your mind, body and spirit in the lush Eco Villa in L.A. You’ll experience a holistic approach to fitness that leaves you feeling energized and renewed.  The beauty of the ecological residence and Mayra’s warm & fun approach combined with top-notch experience and expertise from over 13,000 training sessions will leave you feeling like a new person! Book your session here.

6. Cruise the coast in style

Hop aboard and sail straight into the luxurious embrace of  The Old Plank Luxury Boat. Allow the salty air to blow through your hair, while you bathe in sunlight while you enjoy the wine and gourmet hors d’oeuvres on this 3-hour adventure. You might be lucky enough to have up-close encounters with wildlife as you experience the relaxing sway of the water. Book your Mediterranean experience on the Pacific shores.

7. Go On A Foodie Aventure With This Mystery Picnic Experience

Mystery Picnics

This self-guided food experience is the perfect way to explore LA’s best neighborhoods and avoid the crowds. Starting with a picnic basket, have fun solving personally-curated clues and riddles sent to your smartphone that’ll take you on a journey to collect your special gourmet picnic food bit by bit. Each clue you solve will lead you closer to your next picnic food pickup and even closer to your final stunning secret picnic spot. Work up that appetite for adventure and book your tickets here.

8. Drive a Ferrari to the Hollywood sign

It’s still an outdoor sport if your outside in a sports car, right? Step into the (designer) shoes of a celebrity and experience get a taste of the life in the hills with this exhilarating experience. It’s only a 30-minute cruise, but you can see a lot of that in a Ferrari. You’ll drive up to the Hollywood sign viewpoint with ample opportunity to take snaps inside and outside the car. Live your dreams and book your one-of-a-kind ride.

9. Try kayaking with Sea Lions in the Marina

Find hidden spots in the marina and discover local wildlife, including sea lions, dolphins, and a wide variety of birds. You’ll be guided through the local environment and marine life and learn kayaking techniques while enjoying the peaceful atmosphere of Los Angeles boaters realm. Book yourself a soothing trip with nature.

10. Go paddleboarding with Sea Lions in the Marina

Get the ultimate thigh workout while the adorable sea lions distract you with their charm. It’s the perfect way to enjoy the refreshing water away from the crowded beaches and the busy city life. Your guide will fill you in on all the techniques you need to have a smooth journey and help get to know your surroundings and all the cute residents swimming around you. Book your paddling experience here.

11. Go on a ziplining tour amongst the trees

Race 55 mph in the air above Buford Canyon in this thrilling ziplining tour. You’ll be able to try 9 different ziplines, all with amazing views, whilst being accompanied by two highly-trained, knowledgeable guides. Let their passion for the forest rub off on you as you’ll even get to rappel from two majestic big pines 90 feet up, cross two sky-bridges, and climb suspended sky-stairs in a tree. Release your inner Indiana Jones on this beautiful day in the outdoors!

Featured Image: Benjamin Cremer