L.A. Imposes Curfew Starting From 8 PM Tonight

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The entire city will have a curfew in place for the rest of Saturday night.

Find details on Sunday’s curfew here.

After three consecutive days of protests sparked by the killing of George Floyd, which escalated into vandalism, looting, and 500 arrests, according to the Times, Los Angeles has instituted a curfew. This begins at 8 pm Saturday until 5:30 am Sunday, Mayor Eric Garcetti announced. It’s seen as a necessary measure to allow for cleaning up the aftermath and to avoid further destruction of property. Citizens traveling to and from work, seeking or giving emergency care, and emergency responders are exempt.

The curfew initially applied to Downtown L.A. where many small businesses were impacted by the disruption. Business owners across the city were seen boarding up the stores that had only just begun to reopen.

During the original announcement, protests developed into a standoff between police officers and protestors near The Grove. As a result, the mayor has expanded it to the entire city.

Along with that, a police kiosk and vehicle were set on fire.

Garcetti said the combined situation of the virus with the protests is “the heaviest moment I’ve experienced as a resident of Los Angeles” since the riots in 1992.

Health officials noted their concern about how “super spreaders” amongst the crowds could set L.A.’s reopening back substantially.

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