Gas Prices Continue To Rise In L.A. Reaching Over $4 Per Gallon

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Gas Prices Continue To Rise In L.A. Reaching Over $4 Per Gallon

Hold on, gotta go put a down payment on an electric scooter. Brb.

We should have known it was too good to be true when prices for fuel were in the two to three dollar range! As of Sunday, the average price for a gallon of self-serve regular gasoline in Los Angeles County rose to $4.065. This is the highest recorded amount since July 31, 2015. Various gas stations in the city, like a Shell station in Mid-City, have prices as high as $5.19 per gallon.

Automobile Club of Southern California’s corporate communications manager, Jerry Spring, believes the recent mind-boggling increases are the result of a series of refinery issues that have reduced the supply of gasoline. He says that “out of the 10 major refineries in California, six are dealing with planned maintenance, unplanned breakdowns or both, and four of those refineries are in Southern California.”

“(Wednesday’s) report from the U.S. Energy Information Administration indicated that Los Angeles gasoline inventories dropped by about two million barrels, and a source reported to Oil Price Information Service that Southern California received no imported gasoline in the last week. Because demand also typically increases at this time of year, this has posed serious concerns for supply.”

Well, there you have it Los Angeles. We all know that this may not be the best city when it comes to commuting by public transportation – but with prices “indefinitely” rising in addition to a low supply and extremely high demand, we may all be traveling two hours plus to work just afford rent.

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