Officials Urge Locals To ‘Skip Grocery Shopping’ This Week As COVID-19 Cases Surge

By Malia Wooten

“If you have enough supplies in your home, this would be the week to skip shopping altogether.”

Los Angeles County officials are asking residents to stay home this week as the number of confirmed coronavirus cases continues to soar. On Monday, the total number of patients reached 6,360 while the countywide death toll climbed to 147; the county saw its biggest one-day increase in fatalities over the weekend.

The county’s public health director, Dr. Barbara Ferrer, said that we should expect to “see many more cases over the next few weeks” and urged residents to opt-out of making a trip to the grocery store. If you’re running low on supplies, its recommended to order them via a food delivery service.

Though the number of deaths appears to be slowing in highly effected areas like New York City, Italy, and Spain, leaders warn that reports can quickly begin to backtrack if people don’t continue to follow lockdown orders.

Surgeon General Jerome Adams firmly reminded the public that the United States is still awaiting its peak, stating that “this is going to be our Pearl Harbor moment, our 9/11 moment.”

Watch Monday’s news brief from County officials, below.

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