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Fulfill Your Wildest Dreams Of Being A Rock Star At This Game-Changing Cardio Class

By Malia Wooten

Can you truly call it a workout if you’re busy rocking out the entire time?

We don’t know about you, but we’d trade our tedious gym routine for an hour-long jam sesh, any day. That exact thought provoked two musician-turned-fitness enthusiasts to create a drumming-inspired cardio class structured to sculpt your ass just as much as it will kick it. Pound is the high-intensity workout you never knew your inner rock star needed.

When thinking of a fitness class revolved around drumming, it’s easy to assume that your arms would be getting all the attention. However, this revolutionary take on health combines lunges, squats, and crunches to give you the full body workout you want but don’t want to bore yourself achieving. Pound sessions are designed to introduce cardio, conditioning, and strength training elements into your exercise while allowing you to literally jam out to your favorite hits with light-weight, neon green “RipStix.”

Sure getting fit is one thing, but taking confidence and pure joy into account is a major element that a lot of these other fitness trends are missing. For the first time ever, leave your workout feeling like the strong, energized, badass you are. And the next time you’re checking out that drummer on stage, be sure to peep those muscles!

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