You Can Go Swimming At This Private ‘Castle’ In Hollywood

Beat the heat by renting a private swimming pool at one of L.A.'s most exclusive homes

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You Can Go Swimming At This Private ‘Castle’ In Hollywood

Something worth splashing out on this summer?

A sweltering summer is upon us and with travel being limited, nothing is calling our name more than icy treats and a sparkling aqua pool to cannonball into. Of course, not everyone is lucky enough to have a backyard, never mind a swimming pool. So with aquatic options being pretty crowded right now, your best bet is either heading to a natural swimming hole or renting someone else’s private pool by the hour.

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Thankfully, the sharing economy has afforded us Angelenos the luxury of someone else’s lush swimming sanctuary. How? Through a neat little platform called Swimply, which is essentially the Airbnb of swimming pools. It allows lucky L.A. homeowners to list their pool for users to rent by the hour based on preferred location, time, cost and additional features.

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You could rent anything from a lake-sized pool in Hollywood Hills that comes with sweeping views of the city, to a “tropical oasis” tucked away in a Beverly Hills garden. Each lister will have their own set of features included like jacuzzis, a waterfall, a designer bar, fountains, a grill, a dining area, lounge chairs, and Wifi with things like a Sonos outdoor sound system. The options are endless and the prices range from about $40 to $100 an hour. It’s might be in a similar price bracket as going to a rooftop pool at a hotel, but it’s not quite the same as having a space all to yourself that can be tailored to your budget and desires. Plus, you get to see how the other half live.

Two of our favorites are this ‘castle’ minutes away from the heart of  Hollywood and this stunning, modern home with 360-degree views of the city (pictured above).

Credit: Swimply

If you’re worried about the health and safety factors, Swimply requires pool owners to have their pools inspected beforehand by Poolwerx and Aqua Masters.  Each pool needs to meet a 24-point checklist which includes inspection of tiles and chlorine levels. There’s also a limit on the number of guests and of course, it’s all outdoors. Hosts are also responsible for their own insurance.

Credit: Swimply

Swimply was the brainchild of co-founder, 22-year-old Bunim Laskin, who had to endure cruel summers in New Jersey. He noticed his neighbor’s pool was largely ignored and asked to use it. His family ended up coming negotiating to pay a monthly fee to use it and help them offset the cost of it. Next thing you know, he was using Google Earth to find the nearest swimming pools to approach owners with an idea that would make luxury accessible to anyone and give underused pools the attention they deserve.

Find your nearest pool online.

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