Rideshares And Taxis Won’t Be Able To Pick People Up From LAX Terminals Anymore

By Malia Wooten

By the end of October, LAX will no longer allow rideshares or taxis to pick people up from terminals.

The days of hopping off your flight and heading straight for an Uber will soon be gone once LAX bans rideshare pickup from terminals at the end of the month. Don’t lose your cool just yet – they’ve come up with a compromise.

Instead of meeting your driver at a terminal, you’ll be able to board a shuttle that will bring you to a nearby lot. The lot located right across terminal one has been converted into a pick-up area for guests to meet their rideshare and taxi drivers; expect food trucks, Wi-Fi and cell phone charging!

The shuttles are expected to run every three to five minutes and will only stop at two designated terminals before continuing to the drop-off lot. If you have trouble finding the shuttle, feel free to ask any of the airport staff to direct you to a pick-up spot. Plans for this designated pick-up area stem from the anticipation of a significant increase in construction at the airport while the people mover is in the process of completion.

Location: 9610 Sky Lane, Los Angeles, CA 90045. See it on Google maps.

[Featured photo by Emily Elena Dugdale]

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