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Dessert Will Never Be The Same After Rolling Your Own Ice Cream At Chillbachi

By Malia Wooten

Chillbachi in DTLA is changing the way that you eat ice cream!

Nothing tops a perfect meal than following it with a serving of your favorite frozen treat. And for the record, the folks over at Chillbachi sure do know have to leave a longlasting impression…

Trade in those basic scoops for a modern spin that will leave you never wanting to eat ice cream the same way again. At Chillbachi, you not only do you get to customize the perfect flavor with fresh and locally sourced ingredients like fruit, cereal, and cookie crumbs – you get to hop behind the ice grill and craft it together yourself! And don’t worry about your skills, an experienced chef will help you specialize in rolling techniques to make your tasting adventure extra special.

The hour and a half session will give you the opportunity to dabble around in the kitchen so that you can find the best recipe to fit your sweet tooth cravings. And the best part is that it’s “all you can eat.” Come in for date night, or bring in a big group of friends – whichever the occasion, once you hop behind the ice grill you’re free to sample and make all the curly creations your stomach desires!

What are you waiting for? Book your session here!

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