Don’t Worry: Stanley The Giraffe Is Standing Tall Despite The Woolsey Fire

By Malia Wooten

Angelenos were concerned after learning that Stanley The Giraffe was not evacuated amidst the raging California fires. 🦒🔥

If you’ve lived in LA long enough, you know who Stanley The Giraffe is.

The Malibu Wine Safaris superstar raised a lot of attention once news broke that he remained on the property as the fires approached. And when you have over 46,000 followers on Instagram – world travels fast.

As a blaze rushed toward the property, the owners decided that their best bet would be to let the animals out into the pasture where there was no “fuel” to burn.

Stanley was moved out of his enclosure to a stable away from the fires. This raised criticism from PETA and the pressure was on as the internet was flooded with interest in Stanley’s health.

Veterinarian Jennifer Conrad, Stanley’s vet since he was four, came across the news on social media and rushed over to affected grounds. She wasn’t the only one, several other veterinarians arrived unannounced, as well as some unwanted guests.

Conrad reports that Stanley is fine, just more hungry than usual – but who can blame the poor animal? The owners mentioned that he was traumatized on Friday but, after receiving tons of love and affection from his family and fans, is back to normal.