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The L.A. Zoo Announced The Gender Of Its First Baby Gorilla In 20 Years!

By Malia Wooten

And it’s a girl!

Time to break out that library card and reserve your free tickets to the Los Angeles County Zoo. The zoo announced the birth of its first baby gorilla in twenty years a few weeks ago, but the sex of the infant wasn’t known at the time.

On January 18, 2020, N’djia gave birth to her daughter and has since been seen holding the infant close to her chest and bringing her along with her to rest in the sun or hang out with the community. If you make the visit to Griffth soon, there’s a chance that you may capture a glimpse of this adorable first-time mother and her unnamed baby – just be sure to try and keep the noise levels to a minimum so that you don’t interrupt the bonding process.

Expect to see the baby grow at a pretty fast rate over the next three to six months, eventually becoming strong enough to cling to her mother’s back! We’re looking forward to seeing what L.A.’s first baby gorilla, in a long time, will be named… Any guesses?

Find out how you can reserve free L.A. Zoo tickets just by having a Los Angeles Library card, here!

Featured photo: L.A. Zoo

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