48 Magnificent Things To Do In L.A. In May

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

botanical garden

It’s a new month and there’s loads to do, both at home and outdoors (legally, of course).

On May 8, LA County will slowly be reopening again. Non-essential businesses will open for curbside pick-up, trails, and golf courses will open, even some O.C beaches will be open. So from learning new skills, to wildly entertaining at-home experiences or even getting outdoors for a while, there’s a lot to look forward to this month!

1. Explore The Netherlands’ Breathtaking Tulip Fields In Full Bloom


A riot of color awaits you in these incredible tulip fields. If you’ve already explored the ancient city of Petra or marveled at the Northern Lights, you can now see the full bloom of spring with a little online excursion to the Keukenhof Flower Exhibit in the Netherlands.

2. Set Sail On A Boozy Aventure With This Tiki Cocktail Boot Camp

The flamboyant crew of The Acey-Deucey Club will take you on a tropical voyage with a virtual tiki cocktail class. While the Cold War submarine-themed tiki bar is only cruising into the West Coast in August, this will give you a taste of the nostalgic experience that lies ahead. Once you’ve bought a ticket you’ll choose your poison and all the additional ingredients you’ll need to get the engines roaring. Everything will be delivered to you before you depart on a festive happy hour with a nautical flair. Hop aboard here!

3. Stay Sane With These Online Yoga Classes

yoga los angeles
The Yoga Collective

As weeks in isolation go by and we slowly mold ourselves to our couch and laptop, switching off now poses a unique challenge. How do we disconnect while staying connected to the outside world? This boutique yoga studio helps you unwind from the rigid lockdown mode and find your flow in as little as 5 minutes a day. The Yoga Collective Studio will take you through a virtual journey of strength-focused yoga styles, soothing meditations and cooking classes that will give your body and mind the nourishment it’s craving.

4-5. Stretch Your Legs And Get Back Out Into The Real World With These Permitted Outdoor Activities

botanical gardens
@NoIdentity via Flickr

From May 8, LA County will be reopening some businesses and recreational spaces. So if you’re pretty confident your health is in check, then you may want to get a sweet taste of freedom again. Here are activities that involve being outdoors, some were always open and others are only reopening this Friday. Either way, just remember to keep your distance and cover your face, of course!

6. Drive Into A Bygone Era Of Cinema At A Drive-In Theatre

drive-in theatres pandemic

Go to the only two Drive-In theatres that are open near L.A.— Mission Tiki and Van Buren! It’s the perfect way to escape your confines and immerse yourself in a world of entertainment. Plus, you’ll get to watch most of the latest releases or even watch som movies completely free! Have a look at what they have on here.

7. Beat The Clock In This Trap Door Escape Room Live Stream

Solve the puzzles and unlock mysteries, live and from the comfort of your own home! In this thrilling virtual escape room, an actor takes you box by box and relies on you to solve all the puzzles via a live video feed and a chatroom. You’ll tell them where to go and what to do through virtual tours. These are sure to pump your adrenaline with found footage style production! Get tickets here.

8. Watch All The Rare Biloluminecent Activity Online

Bioluminescence SoCal
Bioluminescence SoCal

A huge plankton bloom is happening along the SoCal coast and most of us aren’t able to venture out to see it, however, there has been some amazing footage and photography showcasing the phenomenon—including “glowing dolphins“— which you can see here.

9. Let The Adorable Characters From Pixar Turn You Into A Culinary Star

Pixar’s YouTube channel has a series called “Cooking With Pixar,” where they have recipe tutorials inspired by all their latest films. And all your favorite characters will be there to help you along the way—but really just distracting you with cuteness more than anything. You can find out what it would be like to eat at Toy Story’s Pizza Planet IRL or let Bao from the Oscar-winning short of the same name roll in dough and dance around in pepper alongside your tutorial.

10. Don’t Let Your Love Life Die During Quarantine

Virtual Singles Mingle Event: A Night of Group Dating Roulette | Fever

If it was hard for people to meet before…it’s even harder while we’re quarantined. This unique virtual dating event will help you meet new people and make real human connections from your home with Fever Originals & Chorus. They’ll curate small groups of people to rotate throughout the evening to chat on topics that align to your interests, and then rotate the groups throughout the event to facilitate a safe and easy environment for folks to feel comfortable, and of course, have fun! Check it out here.

11-12. Get Into The Summer Spirit With These Mouthwatering Taco And Cocktail Deliveries

cinco de mayo

We’re all missing our favorite watering holes and with all the canceled summer festivals it feels like someone’s scraped the salt off our margaritas and rubbed it in the wound. While we all have hopes of salvaging the season, waiting in agonizing lines at the grocery store can take the wind out of your sails; you could spend hours dreaming about the big spread you were going to make or have a list of obscure ingredients in mind for the elaborate cocktail you’ve been eyeing out only to find the ingredient options in your local store have diminished along with your enthusiasm. So we’ve found a few ways to spice up the festivities at home without the hassle.

From taco kits with full bottles of high-quality tequila to pre-batched margarita here’s how you can celebrate at home all week if you like.

13. Attend A Magical Candlelight Concert, Right In Your Own Home

If you’re getting a bit tired of your living room, why not turn it into a beautiful concert venue lit by candlelight? Virtually, that is! Fever Originals is bringing their stunning Candlelight concert series into an exclusive live stream setting. Relive the greatest works of classical music, from Beethoven to Chopin to Vivaldi, bathed in the gentle glow of candlelight. Buy tickets here.

14. Let Your Fitness Take Centre Stage With These Adult Ballet Lessons


Always wanted to fulfill your dream of being a ballet dancer, but never had the chance? Now’s your time! This class is taught by professional dancers from Ajkun Ballet Theatre in New York City in their homes. It will break down the basics of ballet while giving you a great workout. This is perfect for beginners or those looking to refresh their ballet skills! Sign up and live out your dreams here!

15. Play LIVE Bingo With A Drag Twist

This Isolation Bingo is set to be like a ‘night out’ on your sofa, with Charlie Hides herself hosting. Kiki with fellow fans, win prizes and take part in the sassiest game of bingo to exist, as Hides graces your screen with her hilarious quips and enviable wig collection. Grab your tickets here!

16. Watch A Classic Novel Come To Life As An Online Musical 

Watch one of Jane Austen’s most lauded novels take shape as a musical by Tony Award nominee Paul Gordan. There’s nothing like the empowering brilliance of Austen to reignite your cultural appetite and this rare recorded performance is now available to rent or keep it for life. It’s the perfect way alternative to those Netflix binge nights. Get a ticket to view it here. 

17. Treat Yourself (Or Someone Else) To The Ultimate Pampering Delivered In A Box

Get a carefully crafted box of delights, specifically curated for L.A. residents delivered to you within 24 hours. Unboxx LA is the delivery service you didn’t know you needed. Designed for hopeless romantics, pamper junkies and die-hard birthday celebrators. Boxes contain a mix of products based on the occasion, this includes champagne bath bombs, whiskey, roses, essential oils and more. So what are you waiting for? Take yourself on the ultimate date night in. 

18. Learn How To Brew Your Own Beer Right At Home

The Live HomeBrew Experience NYC | Fever

Always wanted to try homebrewing? Not sure where to start? Overwhelmed by which kit to buy? That’s all covered with his amazing at-home brewing kit. Your guide will lead you through the process via live streaming with humor and history, just like on the award-winning City Brew Tours—the difference is, you can complete this whole experience from inside your own kitchen! Get brewing here.

19. Host A Solo Sake Tasting

Tippsy Sake: 5 Star Rated Curated Box of Sake Bottles With Delivery | FeverExplore the wonderful world of sake with this tasting set from Tippsy. You’ll receive a special delivery with three bottles of exquisite Sake, along with product cards that describe the origin, tasting notes and more details about each one. The cards will guide you through pairing your Sake with the perfect snack or meal so you can immerse yourself in its rich history. Order your box here.

20-21. Get Your Cultural Fix With These Amazing Virtual Museum Tours


Explore the best art and cultural history at these top museums all without leaving your bed! Try:

22. Explore A New Dimension Of Painting With This Class

This interactive augmented reality experience merges painting and technology, bringing your creations into the digital 3D space. Once you sign up for this fun session, you’ll get a kit with all you need to paint and sip the day away, then you’ll use Cupixel to take it to the next level. Ready to become the Picasso of the digital age? Get your ticket here.  

23. Tour The Country’s Breathtaking National Parks


If you’re still wary about going out, or if you’d like to test the waters before planning a bog trip then you can do it virtually. Five National Parks from across the U.S. are now ripe for exploration on Google Arts & Culture, who’ve created 360-degree video tours of each park. It’s high-production stuff, too, with a swish video intro setting the scene, and a park ranger on hand to walk you through the most dramatic landscapes, historical landmarks, and beautiful bits of each park. You can also go on a virtual hike in any of these national parks!

24. Have An At-Home Date Night Scavenger Hunt

Date night is still on! Cure your cabin fever and get the sparks flying on an in-home date scavenger hunt! Let’s Roam from Home Hunts help couples deepen their connection and have a blast. All you need is your phone and your significant other. The interactive Let’s Roam app will present you with a series of challenges and questions ranging in difficulty and point value, all designed to bring you closer together. Check them out here.

25. Try Making IKEA’s Famous Meatballs


The ready-to-assemble specialists have revealed their secret recipe so we can recreate the tasty little balls of joy at home. In the most IKEA way possible, the instructions come in the form of an assembly manual, alike to those you’ll find in their furniture, and not only does it feature a super simple recipe that anyone can follow, but it also includes the delicious recipe for their cream sauce to complete the meal. Check it out here.

26. Get Your Craft On And Make Your Own Summer Shoes

There’s still time to walk away from lockdown with a new skill, so why no make it one that will be useful for this summer or the next? With the Virtual Workshop, you’ll design your ideal model of Spanish-style espadrilles and watch a true artisan from Handmade Matters as they craft your shoes and explain the whole process in a live online video call with you. If you’d rather make your shoes with your own two hands, choose the DIY Kit and get a handy video demonstration plus all the materials you need to be delivered straight to your home! Get your tickets here.

27. Watch All The Latest Films Series And Documentaries 

Most streaming services are offering free trials. So why not catch the new Michelle Obama documentary on Netflix or binge on series with a free trial from HBO?

29-32. Look Forward to Incredible Events This Summer and Fall

Even though we’re staying safe at home right now, it’s still fun to plan how we’re going to celebrate later this summer and fall. Don’t miss these fantastic events coming to LA later this year:

33. Passionate About Love And Solving Crime? This One Is For You

Are you a crime fanatic? The Los Angeles Museum of Love has created a virtual Crimes of Passion Challenge. In this hour-long session will be immersed in an interactive adventure where you are tested and presented with interesting cutaways regarding love crimes, such as the neuroscience of “snapping,” myths, and interesting coincidences. There will be different types of challenges and you can interact with contestants from a variety of places. If you’re up for the fascinating challenge get a ticket and pull up a seat in your living room! 

34. Enjoy Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Legendary Musicals For Free On Youtube

Andrew Lloyd Webber, Instagram

Any dream will do. Except this is all real…Yes, you’ll get to enjoy a dash of Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat. You’ll get to taste a pinch of Jesus Christ Superstar. And, you’ll even get to experience The Phantom Of The Opera in all its glory. ALL for no cost at all. Andrew Llyod Webber’s musicals are coming to Youtube; find out more here!

35. Channel Your Inner Picasso And Meet New People With The Group Coloring Session

As we try to find things to keep ourselves from going crazy during this quarantine time, we tend to overlook the simplest of things. What’s one thing you haven’t done since you were a kid? Color! As adults, we always use the excuse of being too busy to do something. Well, guess what, we have nothing but time and during this time we would like to reintroduce you to the wonderful world of coloring. With this event  you’ll meet new people, color with them and enjoy a wonderful musical performance all for the comforts of your own home. Get your ticket here.

36. Catch Up on “Good News”

Reading the news can be a tough task right now. Bad news seems to submerge most of what we digest as we remain in the midst of a global pandemic. But, John Krasinski, also known as Jim from The Office, is here to provide us with nothing but the good stuff. Read all about his new YouTube channel here.

37. Get Drunk On Magic With A Show From Bibik

A new magic variety show based in a basement! The Amazing Bibik is one of the country’s top bar magicians. Bar magic is a unique combination of sleight of hand and humor all made better with cocktails!! The jokes and gags are fast and frequent, and the magic amazes. Bibik has filled his 1950s style Knotty Pine basement bar with all types of funky items and naughty novelties. He also has a large collection of “Magic” products you might get to see. Over the years Bibik has found dozens of examples from this marketing niche and he shares some stories behind them.

38. View Over 800 Frida Kahlo Artifacts & Artworks

Self-portrait on the Borderline between Mexico and the United States (1932), Detroit Insitute of Arts, Detroit, MI. Photo courtesy of Google Arts & Culture.

Google Arts & Culture has partnered with museums from all over the world to put on the ultimate Frida Kahlo exhibit. What a time to be at home, because now we finally have the opportunity to explore 33 different museums at the same time and enjoy all of Frida Kahlo’s amazing works—without ever leaving the couch! Google Art & Culture’s online exhibit, “Faces of Frida,” features more than 800 pieces by (and of) the artist in what might be the most epic exhibition yet!

39. Visit the “Happiest Place on Earth”


The best part—no lines! Disneyland might have shut its doors temporarily, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the fun. Now, you can enjoy all your favorite rides without having to do much traveling past your couch. In response to the temporary shutdown of Disneyland and Walt Disney World, previous visitors have started sharing the wonderment of their ride experiences online(and we’re not totally sure yet if it’s giving us FOMO, but we’re so glad these exist!).

Bonus: You can now also stream Disney’s brand new parade from home!

40. Challenge Yourself To An Escape Game at Home!

Transform your living room, bathroom, kitchen, or even your garden into a thrilling escape game with Escape Kit. Discover secrets of the Egyptian mummies, join a gang of fierce robbers or try lifting a disturbing curse in a famous Magic Academy! Ideal for an evening with friends, a team-building activity or something fun to do with the family during social distancing. Get your tickets here and let the games begin!

41. Find The Humor In It All With This Comedy Showcase

If you’re tired of the reruns then and your Netflix queue has dried up, then you’ll be very pleased to hear that there is a whole line up of brilliant comedians waiting to send you into a fit of laughter. With social interactions limited right now, this hilarious hiatus from Club Quarantine is the perfect way to bring a new dynamic into your usual routine. Laughing is also an unofficial form of therapy that we could all use right now. Grab tickets here.

42. Plan A Trip To Italy This Fall

Sicily free holiday

Have any post-lockdown travel plans? Well, the idyllic Italian island of Sicily is hoping to lure travelers back when the Italian lockdown ends (which is tentatively set to begin on May 4) by offering to pay up to half the cost of your flights, and up to a third of your hotel costs. Find out all the details here.

43. Have the ultimate Harry Potter experience right at home!

Photo by Artem Maltsev on Unsplash

You can now go on a virtual trail of all the best, most magical spots from the Harry Potter movies. Glide through Hogwarts(!), take a short-cut to Diagon Alley (without the magic dust, unfortunately), and run towards Platform 9 and 3/4. Courtesy of Google Earth, you can take this wizarding tour of all the best spots. Diagon Alley, for example, can be viewed at its day job posing as London’s Leadenhall Market.

44. Make A Boozy Version Of Whipped Coffee

Whipped coffee or “Dalgona coffee” is a lockdown trend worth dipping into, at least now that booze has entered the picture. The sweet, fluffy delight is the dollop of happiness that everyone in isolation deserves right now. To make the standard TikTok version you take instant coffee, sugar, warm water and whip it up until your arm goes numb, then you add it to a glass of hot or cold milk. Until this happened: Find out how here.

45. Learn How To Knit From Your Couch With We Are Knitters

Courtesy We Are Knitters

Isolation is the perfect excuse to learn a new hobby: you have loads of extra time to yourself indoors, and even being just a little bit productive can help ease feelings of boredom. Learning how to knit is especially perfect for this time, as studies show that knitting reduces stress and anxiety. It’s also great for restless kiddos since it helps them improve mind-to-motor skills.

The startup We Are Knitters is offering amazing luxury knitting kits that come with everything you need: needles, yarn, and instructions on how to make the coziest items of your dreams. Choose from luxe sweaters, blankets, scarves and more. They’re becoming even more popular during quarantine as more people are looking for fulfilling, indoor activities to keep them entertained.  ⭐️Sponsored⭐️

46. Watch The Poppies Bloom Live Online

This year, the poppies are catching a break. The closures have mostly limited all trampling and the fields of orange are no longer crowded with visitors trying to nail the perfect Instagram shot. So, instead of venturing out there, you can catch the bloom online and see nature at its best here.

47. Turn Dinner Into A Retro Road Trip


Take a nostalgic trip to Mel’s Carhop Drive-Thru! It will shake up your takeaway and pickup routine and give you a new way to enjoy a dinner date. There’s undeniable magic created by the heading out for a night drive and pulling into one of the neon-lit world of an old-school carhop!

48. Clap Every Evening for Healthcare Workers

It’s National Nurses Week in May, but really it should be every single day that this pandemic goes on. Most of us remain quite sheltered to the battle on the frontline; the emotional trauma and physical exhaustion that healthcare workers face every day! Join in and show your support.

featured image source: shutterstock

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