It’s Halloween Every Day At This Tim Burton-Themed Bar In Hollywood

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Turn up the juice and see what shakes loose at this Burtonesque bar and restaurant!

L.A.’s only Tim Burton-themed bar is an absolute treat for fans. Sure, you could do another Burton marathon on your couch. Or, you could step into the Hollywood haunt Beetle House, where a barber will be waiting to seat you and swing his razor wide. While this macabre hangout may not be officially affiliated with the films, you’ll see performers that bear an uncanny resemblance to Jack Skellington, Joker, Willy Wonka, Beetlejuice and other favorite characters wandering around.

Following a successful run as a pop-up based on the owner Zach Neil’s NYC bar of the same name, Beetle House has become a major attraction on the boulevard. Set yourself amongst cobwebs, vintage chandeliers, and civil-war antiques, tombstones and other horror film paraphernalia for a thrilling Halloween experience—all year long.

You’ll feast on devilish delicacies, including the towering  “Edward Burger Hands”  stacked with a patty, cheese, salad and bacon which is all stabbed with two sets of scissors to hold it all together. There’s always the “Deetz No Meats Vegan Burger” if you’d prefer a Beyond Burger vegan option. Other dishes include the “Sweeney Beef” presented with a “bloody” handprint and a straight razor for you to keep.

But it would be impossible to go down the rabbit hole without a “Cup O’ Tea” from Alice—a magical drink made with peach vodka, gin, tequila, rum and peach schnapps. Whisky lovers might enjoy a “Jameson and The Giant Peach” that combines Jameson, peach purée, liquor and citrus for a sweet treat.

If you’re feeling curious you can always suck on some “Mystery Blood Bags” but we can’t guarantee vampires won’t swarm towards you. Those in the seasonal spirit can always brave the smoking “Big Fish Bowl” which is a delightful concoction of rum, tequila, curaçao, pineapple juice and candy!

However, this celebration of all things dark and peculiar doesn’t stop at Tim Burton films. There are plenty of odes to your favorite horror films including a doll wielding a butcher’s knife and a gorgeous man donning a black corset and fishnet stockings.

But showtime really begins with its fully immersive indoor and outdoor theater featuring a curation of the strangest and most unusual shows in Hollywood. Expect sword swallowers, fire eaters, magicians, psychics, mentalists, sideshow acts, contortionists, impersonators and many more for nightly shows.

Guests can celebrate Halloween here throughout the year from Wednesday to Saturday from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m. and from p.m. to midnight on Sundays.

Location: 1714 N Las Palmas Ave Los Angeles, CA 90028


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