Uh-Oh, Banned Chemicals Have Been Found In Multiple Cannabis Samples In L.A.

Malia Wooten Malia Wooten

Uh-Oh, Banned Chemicals Have Been Found In Multiple Cannabis Samples In L.A.

Are you ‘picking up’ from fully licensed and reputable dispensaries?

It was revealed in a television news investigation that unlicensed marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles are selling products contaminated with banned pesticides! Los Angeles’ KNBC bought cannabis flower as well as vape cartridges from 24 different dispensaries and delivery services in the area and found that 1/3 of them had traces of chemicals that were prohibited by state regulators.

Brightside Scientific in Long Beach, a lab licensed by the state to test cannabis products, helped with the study and found that seven of the weed samples contained malathion, bifenazate, and myclobutanil. Chemicals banned by the state are ejected for a reason – they can cause serious health problems like organ failure, respiratory disease, and cancer when they’re smoked or vaporized! For example, myclobutanil can release hydrogen cyanide when heated; it’s pretty much like poisoning your body!

KNBC‘s investigation learned that “all of the contaminated products had been purchased at dispensaries or delivery services that are not state licensed.” Police have said that around 350 unlicensed shops and delivery services are currently operating in Los Angeles and that many products at unlicensed dispensaries are not lab tested before hitting the shelves.

It’s important to ducate yourself before you buy bud folks, be safe out there!

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