Crowds Are So Light This Summer Even Disneyland Is Tweeting About It

Malia Wooten Malia Wooten

Crowds Are So Light This Summer Even Disneyland Is Tweeting About It

But how long will it last?

Whether it be because of the annual passholder blackout dates, increased ticket pricing, or the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge – Disneyland’s wait times are the lowest they’ve been in deacdes. Attractions at the theme park which usually rock hour-long lines have waiting times dipping below half an hour: which in Disneyland standards, is typically unheard of.

The reduced crowds, light pedestrian traffic, and 5-20 minute wait times are so unusual even the team over at Disneyland had to hop on Twitter to brag about the rarity of it all!

Guests of the theme park are even taking to social media to express their disbelief this summer.

It seems as though Disneyland and made many efforts to attract park guests this summer, like bringing back its classic Main Street Electrical Parade as well as offering $99 parkhopper tickets to Disney passholders and their guests. Officials won’t report if park attendance is down, but reported in a statement that its latest expansion “has added 20% more capacity to Disneyland Park, and together with all of our new offerings, advanced planning and innovative technology, has resulted in incredible feedback and satisfaction from our guests.”

To be honest, we don’t exactly know what’s up. But we sure are hoping it lasts longer than summer!

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