WeHo’s First-Ever Cannabis Restaurant Will Serve Food… But Not Edibles

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WeHo’s First-Ever Cannabis Restaurant Will Serve Food… But Not Edibles

The first-ever cannabis restaurant in West Hollywood will open this September!

When you hear the words ‘cannabis cafe’, it’s safe to assume that the menu will consist of weed-infused entrees and delectables. However, the only type of THC consumption that will take place at the first Lowell Cafe in Southern California will be those related to smoking or vaping.

State regulations, as well as WeHo’s restrictive cannabis laws, implement a strict licensing system which only allows two categories for businesses: one for edible-only lounges and another for consumption lounges where people can openly eat edibles, or vape and smoke on-site. Though Lowell Farms’ original plan was to prepare cannabis-infused menu items, the company has resorted to providing a legal place for guests to smoke which means that you can order your bud and burn it at your table!

The Lowell Farms cannabis-free menu will be organized by Chef Andrea Drummer; she designed the restaurants offering to complement the actual cannabis that will be consumed on the property. Guests can expect everything from crispy Brussels sprouts and grilled peaches to a mouthwatering fried chicken sandwich. Drummer even created a dessert platter that will cater to anyone who has the munchies which include candied bacon, caramel popcorn with Thai chili almonds, peanut butter cookies, sweet potato beignets, crème brûlée, homemade s’mores, and an ice cream sandwich!

Make a reservations at Lowell Cafe, here!

Location: 1201 N. La Brea Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90038. See it on Google maps.
Hours: Daily from 10a to 2p.

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