You Can Now Hop On The Metro With Just The TAP Of A Wrist

Malia Wooten Malia Wooten

You Can Now Hop On The Metro With Just The TAP Of A Wrist

TAP wearables are all totally in right now…

Nowadays, you can pull out your smartphone or smartwatch to pay for things or board planes; it’s only a matter of time before physical cards and tickets become something of the past just like pagers or DVDs. [Featured photos courtesy of Metro.]

LA Metro is riding the wave of the future by releasing a particular ‘fashion accessory’ that will allow you to wear your fair. As of August 5, Angelenos will be able to find silicone TAP Flex wrist bands – available in black and blue – at all Metro Customer Centers in the city. The innovative wristbands will function just like a regular TAP card which means that you can load Stored Value and passes on it as well as reload it via taotogo.net or by calling 866.TAPTOGO! These bad boys cost $10 and can only be purchased at Metro Customer Centers.

The wristbands work at all Metro validators, gates and fare boxes, and all L.A. County transit agencies that accept TAP.

If you think the TAP Flex is cool (because who has time to pull out a card anymore), then you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled for additional wearables that are anticipated to be released later this month like TAP stretch wristbands made of elastic fabric and TAP mini keychains! If wearing the latest and greatest isn’t really your thing, Metro is even working on a feature that will allow you to use an app on your smartphone with plans to launch in the winter.

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