You’ll Soon Be Able To Take The Metro To The Airport Thanks To A $4.9-Billion Project

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You’ll Soon Be Able To Take The Metro To The Airport Thanks To A $4.9-Billion Project

It’s official – the construction on the $4.9-billion dollar project has begun!

Readers, we can use your help on this one… are there truly any words in the English language more terrifying than: “Can you give me a ride to LAX?”

If we’re on the same page – then you probably couldn’t think of a phrase more dreadful to hear as an Angeleno. Praise Hallelujah to the public transportation gods above, because soon, we’ll be able to leave all that unwanted merging lanes stress behind thanks to the Los Angeles Automated People Mover (APM). The plan is to transport visitors around the many airport terminals to a Metro rail station or to a rental car pick-up. And the best part? It’s going to be free!

Mayor Eric Garcetti tweeted a video explaining the benefits that the brand new train will bring to the usually congested airport.

The APM will be capable of carrying 200 passengers and their luggage at a time while traveling the 2.25-mile track at 47 miles per hour, in ten minutes. There will be six stops and the completely-electric trains are expected to run every two minutes, all day, everyday! The handy-dandy APM is set to reach completion and to be fully operational by the year 2023. This all comes in preperation for the 2028 Olympics, you may have already noticed that multiple terminals have already undergone renovation.

Last year, LAX hit an all-time record in regards to how many passengers passed through its doors. Over 87.5 million passengers traveled to the second- busiest airport in the country, reaching more than three million more travelers according to the records in 2017.

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