This Greenhouse Livestream Is The Digital Escapism You Need In Your Life

Malia Wooten Malia Wooten

This Greenhouse Livestream Is The Digital Escapism You Need In Your Life

Since roaming our favorite botanical gardens or plant shops isn’t so much of an activity right now, Angelenos are having to turn to the internet to get their therapeutic nature fix.

Luckily, a conservatory in Seattle has been streaming its gorgeous Victorian greenhouse after closing to the public amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The Volunteer Park Conservatory is considered a historical landmark in Washington and is said to have been modeled after London’s Crystal Palace when it was built in 1912. The glass greenhouse encompasses five distinct temperature houses that showcase a variety of tropical and subtropical plant life.

The soothing ‘plant therapy sessions’ take place on Instagram every day around noon, though the streams all depend on the gardener’s maintenance schedule. Don’t worry about missing it since it’ll be available to watch on Instagram for 24 hours.

Though a virtual escape isn’t as good as the real thing, it sure is beautiful to look at! The conservatory made a statement their as to why these live streams began taking place, despite having to remain closed through the middle of April.

“The Conservatory has always been a place for members of our community to connect with nature and each other. We hope that the live streams still helps give people a sense of calm and well-being during these uncertain times.”

Catch a restorative plant-based stream, here!

Featured photo: @vpconservatory

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