The Most Memorable 2020 Moments In L.A.

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The Most Memorable 2020 Moments In L.A.

A few moments that weren’t absolutely terrible in 2020…

We’ve gone from bartering our toilet paper and coveted canned goods, to watching the city go into full lockdown and truly recognizing the devastating effects of the pandemic. To say it’s been a roller coaster of a year is an understatement and most of us would rather just forget it even happened. While we could all agree to never utter the word “twenty” twice in a row ever again, it’s worth remembering the moments that made us laugh, smile and restored our hope for humanity. [Featured Image: Major Feels ]

Here are 21 things that happened, that are actually worth remembering. 

1. L.A.’s Air Was Exceptionally Clear 

Thanks to the major reduction of cars and traffic on the roads during the lockdown, the smog that famously chokes the city had finally vanished and air quality was showing nothing but green on the Environmental Protection Agency’s Air Quality Index. It just goes to show that if we collectively take action, we can make positive changes in a short amount of time.

2. Beautiful Murals Inspired By The Pandemic Appeared Across The City

Artists responded to the pandemic with stunning murals that expressed and reflected the times. It gave us comfort knowing we shared the

3. The City Lit Up In Blue For Healthcare Workers 

Over 150 sites all over the U.S. lit up blue in solidarity with the hospital workers and first responders fighting COVID-19. Among them were Staples Center, LA Convention Center and LAX Airport.

4. We Got A Taste Of European Dining With Some Creative Flair

As cities began to emerge from the lockdown and shuttered businesses had the opportunity to reopen for outdoor service, local restaurants go creative and transform spaces into magical al fresco scenes. We think this European-style dining culture should stay in sunny California for good

5. Plankton Blooms Made SoCal Waters Glow

There was a wave of bioluminescence along the SoCal coast, thanks to a plankton bloom. While too much plankton can have an effect on other underwater life, that wasn’t the case with this year’s natural spectacle. It’s also an undeniably rare and magical thing to see the blue glow, which a few locals were lucky enough to see. Some even caught footage of dolphins creating luminous trails as they glided through it.

6-9. There Were A Number Of Historic Gatherings Across The City

The death of George Floyd triggered a worldwide movement that resulted in powerful protests despite the pandemic. Numerous peaceful marches took place all over the city and culminated in a gathering of 50,000 people along Hollywood Boulevard, the largest in L.A. Here are some moments of unity that reminded us all of the power of community.

10. And Hollywood Got A Powerful New Artwork In Honor Of It 

Hollywood Boulevard, between Highland Avenue and Orange Drive, is now home to the permanent installation of the ‘All Black Lives Matter’ street mural honoring the historic march that took place on June 14. The street artwork is painted yellow to represent Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ and transgender pride flag colors. Read more about it here.

11. We Saw The Neowise Comet Shoot Over The Skies

Back in July, the NEOWISE comet beamed into view creating a dazzling display before vanishing for another 6,800 years. Take a look at some of the best pictures taken in the city here.

12. The Lakers Won The NBA Championship

After losing NBA legend Kobe Bryant earlier this year, we all needed this Lakers’ win. The team managed to play through a pandemic and even do their part in putting a spotlight on important social and political issues. So when the team took home the trophy home, beating the Miami Heat 106-93, there was an overwhelming response across the city. Along with a giant mural featuring Bryant and a newly painted Lakers House, here’s how the city responded.

13. Iconic Landmarks In L.A. Were Turned Into Voting Centers

L.A. had arguably one of the best years for voting. Not only did major sports teams get involved in encouraging people to register and vote, but major venues around the city were turned into voting centers. For the first time, the process became more of an experience than an arduous chore. Dodger Stadium took things to the next level—and not just because it took place on the Top Deck— by welcoming first-time voters with mariachi bands. We hope we never go back to voting in pokey garages.

14. We Got A Full ‘Blue Moon’ On Halloween

This literally only happens once in a blue moon! If you looked up on Halloween you would have seen a gorgeous full moon and to make the holiday all the more spooky.

15. The Dodgers Won The World Series 

L.A.’s boys in blue brought home the trophy for the first time in 32 years and after a year of misery, it provided a temporary antidote. As expected the excitement took over and the skies were filled with illegal fireworks, unlawful street gatherings and honking became the celebratory roar for the night. Along with that, the Dodgers got an entire graffitied house dedicated to them and everything that could light in blue was.

16. Records Were Broken During The Election

Not only did California break its own record for highest voter turnout, but Joe Biden also broke the record for the highest number of votes ever received in a U.S. presidential election.

17. And L.A. Hosted A Spontaneous Block Party

Joe Biden’s win set off a celebration around the nation and, of course, L.A. didn’t hesitate to do the same. Watch this video for all the highlights.

18. There Was A Rare Double Rainbow

A stormy election week was followed by a rare double rainbow, which almost never happens in this sunny city. Here are some of the best pictures from around the city.

19-21. California Had A Couple Of Historic Moments 

While Kamala Harris made history nationally, California saw a year of progressive moves in government. Here’s a look at a few groundbreaking moments:

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